Protection of personal data


I am Ing. Roman Škorňák, with its registered office at K Nadjezdu 2, 720 00 Ostrava - Hrabová, Czech Republic, Personal identification number / IČO /: 654 75 054, Tax identification number / DIČ /: CZ7106165550 and I am registered in the Trade Register of the City of Ostrava and I process as an administrator your personal information.


A) Personal information you provide to me
I process personal data that you provide to me on your own. This means, for example, if you order goods or services from me. In this case, I need information from you that is marked as mandatory in the order (this is your name and surname, delivery address, billing address, if different from the delivery address). If I did not have this information, I would not be able to deliver the goods to you correctly. Furthermore, for the purpose of selling goods or services, I also need your email address to which I will send you an order confirmation, which also serves as a confirmation of the purchase agreement, a copy of the terms and conditions or complaints and other important information related to ordering goods or services. When ordering goods or services, you can also fill in optional data, if they are displayed in the form. This information helps me to fulfill the concluded contract better and more efficiently. E.g. When you fill in your telephone number, we can send you information about the delivery of goods, they can more easily contact you with carriers, etc. You provide us with optional data voluntarily. It may happen that after the delivery of the goods you may receive an email message asking you to evaluate the purchased goods.

If you contact the customer line or write me a message, I will also process your personal data provided in this communication.

By filling in optional data in your user profile, you can also provide us with your other personal data, such as frequently used delivery addresses, age, gender and other similar information.

B) Personal data of third parties that you provide
me If you provide me with personal data of third parties, it is your responsibility to inform this person concerned and to obtain their consent to these terms and conditions of personal data protection. For example, you may buy goods here, but you do not want to pick them up or make a complaint. In your user profile, you can define subsequently authorized persons who are authorized for you, for example, to take over the goods or to claim the goods. This will also provide me with their personal data.

C) Personal information that I process automatically
When I visit my website, I may collect certain information about you, such as: IP address, date and time of access to the website, information about your web browser, resolution, operating system or your language settings. I may also process information about your behavior on my website. This means, for example, what links you visit on my website and which goods I show you.

If you access my website from a mobile phone or similar device or through my mobile application, I can also process information about your mobile device (data about your mobile phone, possible records of application failures, etc.)


What are cookies, what are the types and how I use them on my website are written in detail and explained in the rules for the use of cookies .


If you access my website from a phone, tablet or similar device, then this site is optimized for these devices. In this case, I process your personal data in a similar way as when accessed from a computer. You can also download my application for free, in which there will be purchases or services more convenient.

If you allow the application to use location data, I may also use the location of your device to provide you with better user convenience and more accurate offers of goods or services. I can also use the data collected in this way to send you a business message compiled specifically for you. If you do not wish to do so, you can easily opt out of receiving business messages. Similarly, you may see personalized content directly on my website. Even in this case, you have the option to disable such personalization.


I process your personal data for the following reasons:

A) Purchase of goods and services
First of all, I process your personal data in order to properly process and deliver your order. If any problems arise, thanks to your personal data, I know who I can contact.

B ) Customer care If you contact me with a question or problem, I must process your data to answer or resolve it. In some cases, personal data may also be passed on to third parties (for example, carriers of goods or business partners who deliver the goods to you - for more information on business partners, see business conditions ).

C) User account The
personal data you provide me in your user profile will give you access to other useful functions, for example (eg if you provide your telephone number, we can easily inform you when the order will be delivered to you). You can change the data you enter at any time. The email address is also used to access your user account.

D) Marketing activity

E) Improving our services
Using the history of your orders and the behavior on the website, we can offer more relevant offers of other goods, such as accessories, similar products to the purchased products. In certain places, we may show you products that are right for you and meet your needs and interests. I can also use tools for testing various variants (so-called A / B testing), Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, etc. to optimize elements on the website.

F) Customer evaluations of goods and services
After you purchase goods or services from us, you may be asked to evaluate them. Ratings can also be entered on your own initiative.

G) Call center
If you contact me via my infoline listed at WWW.ATAKT.COM, I can record your phone call after prior notice. Such records may be used by me in the future to control the quality of services provided by our employees.

H) Enforcement of rights and legal claims and control of public authorities
I may also process your personal data because I need them to exercise our rights and legal claims (eg in the event that you have an outstanding claim against us). Furthermore, we may also process your personal data because we need them for the purposes of inspections carried out by public authorities and for other similarly serious reasons.


Fulfillment and conclusion of the contract
I need a large part of your personal data in order to be able to conclude a purchase or other contract with you at all regarding the goods or services that you want to buy from me. Once the contract is concluded, I process your personal data in order to properly deliver the purchased goods to you or to properly provide you with the purchased services. Based on this legal reason, I mainly process delivery and invoicing data.

Legitimate interests
I also use your personal data to provide you with relevant content, ie content that is of interest to you. Based on a legitimate interest, I process personal data in this way, which I process automatically and cookies.

For the same legal reason, I can send you email and SMS messages as our customers. The processing of your personal data on this legal basis may take place in the future, for example during camera monitoring at my newly opened establishments.

For the purposes of sending business messages (email marketing) and telemarketing, I process your personal data on the basis of your consent. If you do not give me consent and you are my customer, then I can send you a business message (or call you as part of telemarketing) without you giving me your consent. In any case, you can simply prohibit such marketing communication by:

a) simply click on the Do not send link in the sent message and then confirm on the displayed page by clicking on the Do not send button.

b) using the contact form on this website

c) via the infoline listed on WWW.ATAKT.COM.

If you give me your consent to the processing of personal data, you can revoke it at any time via the contact form.


In these cases, I pass on your personal data to third parties:

Delivery of goods The
carrier of your choice would never be able to deliver the ordered goods to you if we did not provide him with information on where and to whom he should deliver the goods. I will pass this information to the carrier according to how you fill it in the order. The information provided in this way includes, in particular, your name and surname, delivery address, telephone number at which the carrier can contact you and, if the goods have not been paid for in advance, the amount to be paid upon receipt of the goods. In relation to the personal data we provide, the carrier is entitled to process them only for the purpose of delivery of goods and then delete the personal data without delay.

Delivery of goods that are stored for us by the contractual partner
If you order goods from us that are in the warehouse of our contractual partner, we must pass your personal data to this contractual partner, who will process the order, in order to complete the order. The data provided in this way include, in particular, your name and surname, delivery address, telephone number at which the carrier can contact you and, if the goods have not been paid for in advance, the amount to be paid upon receipt of the goods. This contractual partner must then pass on the personal data to the carrier who will deliver the goods, otherwise the carrier would not be able to deliver the goods to you. Both the contractual partner who stores the goods for us and the carrier are obliged to use this personal data only for the purposes of storage / delivery of the goods in relation to the personal data we pass on to them and then to delete them immediately.

Payment cards
Our company does not have information about the payment cards you pay with us. Only your secure payment gateway and the relevant banking institution have information on your payment cards.

Business messages
In the case of sending business messages by email, SMS or telemarketing, we may use a third party to send or make phone calls. This entity is bound by the obligation of confidentiality and may not use your personal data for any other purpose.

Government Authorities
In order to enforce our rights, your personal information may be passed on to a third party, such as a lawyer. If the law or a government agency (such as the Police) imposes an obligation on us to pass on your personal information, we must do so.

Business partners
Your personal data may be shared with business partners Ing. Roman Škorňák, with its registered office at K Nadjezdu 2, 720 00 Ostrava - Hrabová, IČ: 654 75 054 DIČ: 7106165550 entered in the trade register of the City of Ostrava. Data sharing is only provided that the business partner is a supplier of goods or services. In such cases, you will be informed of this situation when ordering goods or services. However, you can object to this via our contact form.


First of all, I will process your data for the entire duration of the contractual relationship between us.

In the case of processing personal data for which consent has been granted, your personal data will generally be processed for a period of 7 years, or until such consent is revoked.

If you subscribe to business communications, we will process your personal data for a period of 7 years, or until you express your disagreement with their further sending. You can easily express this disagreement by adjusting your user profile settings or using the contact form or calling the infoline.

I would also like to point out that the personal data that are necessary for the proper provision of services, resp. In order to fulfill all our obligations, whether these obligations arise from a contract between us or from generally binding legal regulations, I must process, regardless of your consent, for a period set by or in accordance with the relevant legislation (for example, for tax documents, this period is at least 10 years).

I process data obtained through a user account or in another similar way for the period of using our services and usually 5 years after their cancellation. Subsequently, usually only basic identification data and information on the reason for which the user account was canceled or data forming part of operational advances are stored for a reasonable period of time.

Recordings of telephone calls from the infoline listed on the website WWW.ATAKT.COM are stored for a short period of time, but not longer than for 1 year, unless it is necessary for us to keep the recordings for a longer period of time due to legitimate interest (e.g. in case of suspicion of data misuse, fraud, etc.)

By default, we store your camera recordings for a period of 90 days. If an illegal act occurs in the monitored area, we can contact the police and pass the records in question to the competent authority (police, court, etc.). In this case, the records are not deleted after 90 days, but for evidentiary reasons, we keep them until the final conclusion of the matter.


Your personal information is safe with me. To prevent unauthorized access and misuse of your personal data, I have put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures.

I care a lot about protecting your personal information. Therefore, not only do I regularly check their security, but I also continuously improve their protection. Also, all communication between your device and my web servers will be encrypted soon. All your data is stored only on servers in secure cloud centers with limited, carefully controlled and audited access.

I try to use security measures that provide sufficient security given the current state of technology. The security measures taken are then regularly updated.


Our website is not intended for children under the age of 16. A person under the age of 16 may only use our website with the consent of his / her legal representative (parent or guardian).


In relation to your personal data, you have in particular the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time, the right to correct or supplement your personal data, the right to request restrictions on their processing, the right to object or process your personal data, the right to access your personal data. , the right to request the transfer of your personal data, the right to be informed of breaches of the security of your personal data and, under certain conditions, the right to delete certain personal data that we process in connection with you (so-called right to be "forgotten").

Editing and supplementing
You have your personal data under control primarily through your user account. You can delete or change basic information about your person and change settings regarding the sending of business messages (or unsubscribe from receiving business messages), etc.

Alternatively, you can contact us via the contact form or the infoline listed at WWW.ATAKT.COM.

If you think that the personal data I process about you is incorrect, you can contact me via the contact form or the infoline. However, in order to speed up the correction of your personal data and your comfort, we recommend that you edit your personal data yourself in your user profile.

Access (portability)
You can ask me to send you an overview of your personal data via the contact form.

You also have the right to access the following information regarding your personal data:

You may also request that I delete your data (however, the deletion will not affect data on documents that I are required by law to retain (such as invoices or credit notes). your application is rejected (eg if I register an outstanding receivable from you or in the case of an ongoing complaint procedure).

Please note that key information about your payment card, if entered by you, is not stored at our company, but at our payment gateway. Therefore, this data cannot be deleted by us and it is necessary to contact the payment gateway through which you made the payment.

Except as provided above, you have the right to delete in the following cases:

  1. Personal data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were processed
  2. You have revoked your consent on the basis of which the data were processed and there is no other legal reason for their processing
  3. You have objected to the processing of axes. data and you consider that the assessment of the objection will reveal that in a particular situation your interest outweighs our interest in the processing of this personal data.
  4. Personal data is processed illegally
  5. The obligation to delete is stipulated by a special legal regulation
  6. This is the personal data of children under the age of 16

You can exercise your right via the contact form.

I process some of your personal data on the basis of my legitimate interest (see the section of these conditions entitled "I process personal data on these legal documents"). If there are specific reasons on your part, you may object to the processing of your personal data. You can raise this objection using the contact form.

Processing Restrictions
If (a) you deny the accuracy of your personal information, (b) your personal information is processed illegally, (c) I no longer need your personal information for processing purposes, but you need it to determine, enforce or defend your legal claims, or if you (d) objected to the previous point, so you have the right to limit the processing of your personal data.

In this case, I may only process your personal data with your consent (except for the storage or backup of the personal data in question).

Filing a complaint
If you believe that I am processing your personal data illegally, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection. However, we will be happy if you always deal with the situation with us first. You can always easily contact me via the contact form or via the infoline listed at WWW.ATAKT.COM.

These Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection, including their components, are valid and effective from 2 May 2022, and are available electronically on our website in the footer of the pages in the Information section and, in the case of a mobile application, in the Information menu.