Goods replacement

Most of our range of T-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes or trousers are European in size and you will usually find the approximate dimensions of some sizes. Nevertheless, when choosing, it may happen that the ordered goods will not fit or otherwise suit. Below you will find instructions on how to proceed if the size of the ordered goods does not suit you.


  1. We will exchange the goods for another size / larger or smaller / according to your requirements
  2. You will return the goods to us and get the money back. For more information, see the return policy page


All you have to do is fill in the return form that was sent to you together with the goods and the invoice in the package. If the return form was not attached, you can download it here in PDF or WORD format .

Print this form and fill in your details. Indicate whether you require an exchange, a return of goods or a complaint.

a) If you request the exchange of goods for another size, you will add the required size of goods to the form.

b) If you only want to return the goods (without exchange), then enter the number of your bank account where we have to send the money. If the payment for the goods was made from a PayPal account, the money will be sent back to your PayPal account. If you do not have a bank account, you will check the option for a refund by postal order in the form (this option only applies to the Czech Republic).

c) In the case of a claim for goods, describe in words the defect, the place of the defect and how the defect occurred.

If possible, you will also pack the goods with the original packaging and the enclosed completed protocol and send the consignment by registered mail to the address given at the bottom of the protocol .


It may take several days for your shipment to be delivered to us. However, as soon as your goods reach us, we will deal with your request immediately.

If we have the goods for which you want to exchange the returned goods in stock, we will send you a new package usually within a week, usually the next day.

If the goods you require for exchange are not in stock at our place or at a partner branch, then we will order the goods for you (if this can still be provided by the suppliers). The goods are usually stored within a maximum of 2 to 4 weeks. If the shipment with the exchanged goods does not arrive within 14 working days and you do not want to wait longer for the goods to be stored, please contact our customer line or by e-mail at and we will agree on a possible further procedure.


No, no fees are charged.

1. When exchanging goods - send the goods you want to exchange with a protocol to us and we will send you the newly selected goods free of charge at our expense.

2. If you return non-compliant goods , then within ten days of delivery of your shipment, we will send the money back to your account or Czech mail slip of your choice in the protocol.