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The rules below apply to the storage of cookies on websites operated by Ing. Roman Škornák, with its registered office at K Nadjezdu 2, 720 00 Ostrava - Hrabová, Czech Republic, Personal identification number / IČO /: 654 75 054, Tax identification number / DIČ /: CZ7106165550 (hereinafter referred to as the " Website ").


Cookies are small data files that the visited website sends to your browser, which stores them on your computer, phone or other device, and in case of a new visit to the website, your browser sends cookies back to these pages. Cookies help you to remember your activities and preferences for a certain period of time, so that you do not have to re-enter them when you return to the website or go from one website to another. Cookies are personal data. Detailed information on the processing of your personal data can be found under the link Privacy Policy .


The WWW.ATAKT.COM website will display a notification bar when you visit the website stating that the website uses cookies. The use of so-called necessary cookies is necessary for the functioning of the website. Without the necessary cookies, the website will not work properly and therefore their use does not require your consent and is checked in advance. The use of non-essential cookies (analytical and marketing cookies) usually requires your informed consent. You can then choose your individual cookie settings preferences directly in the notification bar.

Cookies specifically serve, for example, to:

Our website WWW.ATAKT.COM further distinguishes between temporary cookies, so-called "relational cookies", which are only temporary and remain stored on your device only until the end of the browser session, and permanent cookies, so-called "Permanent cookies" that remain stored on your device for longer. Temporary cookies allow information to be stored when moving from one website to another and eliminate the need to re-enter certain data. Once the browser is closed, it will be deleted from your device. Persistent cookies help identify your device if you revisit our website.

You can revoke your consent to the use of cookies, for which your consent is required, at any time. prohibit their further storage; see Article 4 of this policy for details. If you do not delete cookies from your device yourself, they will be deleted automatically within a short period of time (in accordance with current standards, no later than 13 months after the last use of cookies that require your consent).


WWW.ATAKT.COM uses both its own cookies and third-party cookies for the above purposes. When you use the WWW.ATAKT.COM website, cookies may be stored on your device by operators of marketing tools used by WWW.ATAKT.COM. Alternatively, WWW.ATAKT.COM may share with these operators the information provided by the cookies. Using these tools allows you to continually improve your WWW.ATAKT.COM offer, as well as better reflect your personal preferences and target your advertising campaigns to reach those who may be most interested in our offer.

In the case of cooperation with operators from the USA, we assure you that only operators who have undertaken to strictly protect your personal data are selected. Nevertheless, we must warn you that the United States is a country which, according to the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union, does not provide an adequate level of personal data protection; this implies, among other things, that U.S. government agencies may be entitled to access your personal information without effective remedies.

Cookies used by third parties and the way in which the data obtained through them are used are governed by the privacy policies of the relevant third parties. These third parties may combine the information they obtain through cookies with other information you provide to them or which they have obtained as a result of using their services.

Specifically, we use the following cookies:

A) Operational cookies necessary to ensure the basic functionality and security of the website WWW.ATAKT.COM (mandatory)

These cookies are necessary to ensure the basic functionality and security of the website WWW.ATAKT.COM, so they are stored automatically and their use cannot be disabled. Thanks to them, we can mediate, for example:

B) Cookies for analytics

These cookies help us to understand how you use our website and thus improve the performance of the site and adapt it to your needs.

C) Cookies for advertising and marketing purposes and related personalization of content


You can change your cookie preferences at any time in your browser. You can set your web browser to disable or block the storage of cookies on your device, including so-called mandatory cookies and third-party cookies. It is also possible to block or allow the storage of cookies only for certain websites. You can then delete cookies that are already stored on your device at any time. If you completely disable the storage of cookies, including the necessary cookies, the website may not work properly and their functionality may be limited.

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